Joint symposium of Materials science and engineering 2019(MSE2019)

From 27th to 28th, “Joint symposium of materials Science and engineering 2019 (MSE2019)” was held at Science campus hall in Aoba-yama campus of Tohoku university. This symposium has been held annually since 2003 and organized by students. From GP-MS, Mr. Ogasawara, Mr.Hatakeyama, Mr. Jeong, Mr. Yamamoto and Mr Miyamoto participated as organizers. Mr Ogasawara, Mr Hatakeyama and Mr Yamamoto registered and gave poster presentations.

During the symposium, GP-MS session was also held and Assoc. Prof. Toshihiro Omori (Tohoku univ., Japan), Prof. Ming-Yen Lu (National Tsing-hua univ., Taiwang) and Prof. Wenbin Cao (University of Science and Technology Beijing, China) gave excellent talks.

Although only 2 days symposium, they may deepen exchange and had fruitful experiences. We hope the connection create their bright future.